Management Education is critically essential to run organisations in the changing business environment. Good education is always linked with the holistic personality development of the students to make them value based competent individuals in the life. Industry does not need only management professionals having subject knowledge rather they want competent people with balanced personality who can see dreams and translate into actions. The Institution aims at creating leaders of today and tomorrow who have total understanding of the business environment and the value of life. The faculty, staff and management at MIMTS reaffirm their commitment to:defending the principles of academic freedom, open debate, and civil discourse;Exposing students to the full range of paradigms, theories, advanced methods and innovative management principles.learning from the accumulated body of human wisdom to translate the objectives set into practices.critical, creative and ethical inquiry is best served when teachers and students are free to express and examine the today’s needs that influence the production, dissemination, and application of knowledge.respecting the ability of students and teachers to jointly contextualize, critique, and compare different approaches and contributions to human knowledge;evaluating students and their peers solely on the basis of their academic performance, and their contributions to scholarly and creative activity, teaching, institutional service, and the place of work environment;and finally, inspiring and communicating the joy and excitement of intellectual endeavours towards a bright professional career.